• Hold multiple consecutive day sales, depending on estate size.
  • Research, evaluate, price and organize items in the sale.
  • Provide display tables and showcases for valuables in the sale.
  • Offer credit card merchant services to increase sales.
  • Collect and submit sales tax to the state.
  • Advertise the sale in newspapers, website promotions and email announcements.
  • Provide sales staff including security if needed.
  • Post street and property signage.
  • Employ a number system limiting the amount of buyers in the home when necessary.
  • Use a silent bid system to encourage the sale of higher priced or slow moving items when necessary.
  • Consign to auction, antique pieces with a higher estimated value and/or a need for a more qualified buying audience.
  • No cash upfront, since commission is deducted from sale proceeds.

If you don’t have an entire estate to liquidate, Retro Robin can still help you. We frequently take items on consignment for sale to Dealers and Collectors, or as Brokers for submission of items to Auction Houses. We do BUYOUTS too, one item or whole houses. All YOU have to do is just give us a call!

Free consultations.
No cash upfront.
References available.